• Regenerative Medicine-Are You a Candidate?

    Over five years ago, I exchanged a scalpel for a needle and thus entered a developing discipline of cellular orthopedics. My goal was to assist patients with joint afflictions and orthopedic conditions delay, perhaps avoid a surgical procedure by capturing their body’s restorative or regenerative potential...

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  • A 60th wedding anniversary celebration made possible by Cellular orthopedics

    Three years ago, I received a call from the wife of a potential patient requesting an appointment for his “Stem Cell” procedure after she had visited my web site. Applying the usual inquiry, I learned that the couple lived in Wisconsin and that her previously active then 90-year-old plus husband...

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  • “My doctor told me that I have bone on bone”

    It is the most banal, recurring, boring, ordinary and meaningless phrase that my assistant and I have to listen to on the phone or at every office setting. Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects almost all persons to some extent as they age. It may affect one joint, some joints or many joints. The...

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  • A Regenerative and Restoration Milestone

    A Regenerative and Restoration Milestone

    It happens every year since the day I was born, there is a birthday celebration in my home and it happens again this week. Sure, I have a little more graying of my hair; but fortunately, I have my hair. I also have an activity level that would not have been possible, given the arthritis

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  • The U.S. FDA regulation of cell therapies finally is enforced

    “Mitch, not sure if you heard, but the FDA via the DOJ has requested injunctions against the mothership clinics of Berman and Lander, as well as the US Stem Cell clinic run by Comella. We can hope that criminal indictments might follow, since they certainly are some of the most flagrant violators of...

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  • Birds do it, bees do it, even Jack Nicklaus does it; I am talking about stem cells

    In the ongoing initiative to remain in the forefront of cellular orthopedic offerings for arthritis, “a needle, not a knife”, it was time to advance my skills when dealing with low back pain. About 70% of my patients, in addition to major joint disease, present with degenerative disc and facet joint...

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  • It’s been a busy week for our Cellular Orthopedic practice

    It’s been a busy week for our Cellular Orthopedic practice

    On Wednesday, I completed several bone marrow concentrate procedures for patients with arthritic knees. You will recall that Concentrated Bone Marrow contains living Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Growth Factors, Platelets, Exosomes, Precursor Cells and more allowing for pain relief, improved function...

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  • What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

    What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

    My team dedicates an inordinate amount of time answering questions and attempting to clarify the misunderstanding of patients when it comes to Platelet Rich Plasma; actually, the entire subspecialty of “Stem Cell Therapy” but let’s start with PRP. As an orthopedic surgeon who introduced Cellular...

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  • The Ultimate Performance Success Following a Cellular Orthopedic Procedure

    Every year at this time, we each recall and celebrate several significant events of historic, cultural and spiritual importance. No matter what your roots or upbringing or present belief, these past eight days usually involve a gathering of friends and family to jointly read and remember that which happened...

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  • The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone

    If you remember those children’s song lyrics, you will march right up the skeleton. The orthopedic message is that what’s happening in your foot and ankle will affect the well-being of your knee and hip. I was reminded of the continuum on Tuesday when a patient I had treated in November of 2017 returned...

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