• Update on the Cellular Orthopedic intervention to my knees

    Update on the Cellular Orthopedic intervention to my knees

    If you read my blog posting last week, you would have learned that I personally underwent a cellular orthopedic intervention to both of my knees on Wednesday, 12/27. The symptoms attributable to my own osteoarthritis had progressed to a degree that I was becoming limited in my recreational profile. While...

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  • Cellular Orthopedics, looking back and looking forward

    Cellular Orthopedics, looking back and looking forward

    Or as Dan Brown’s Origin explores, “Where did we come from, where are we going?” It seems customary to make predictions at this time of year; but I want to begin by looking back four decades. It is more than reminiscence. Until managed health care was introduced into the marketplace...

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  • On Cartilage Regeneration

    Since we practice in an emerging discipline of Regenerative Medicine, how is regeneration determined? Cartilage repair should be evaluated with use of a scoring system that considers the volume of the defect that becomes filled with repair tissue, the integration of repair tissue with adjacent cartilage,...

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  • Continuing update regarding FDA oversite of regenerative medicine

    After my last blog was posted, a patient sent me a brochure she had received while attending a Regenerative Medicine Seminar focusing on how “stem cell therapy could change your life”. Within the brochure was a full page dedicated to how amniotic fluid stem cell therapy could treat ALS, Autoimmune...

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  • “Regulatory Considerations for Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-based Products: Minimal Manipulation and Homologous Use”

    On November 16, 2017, The FDA posted definitive guidelines concerning what meets minimal manipulation rules and regulations and what is accepted under the practice of medicine guidelines in the specialty of Regenerative Medicine. The FDA further restated the requirement that regenerative medicine be...

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  • Vanity, Anecdote and Evidence; how far I will go to present the facts

    As regular readers of this Blog are aware and as well, those patients who seek consultation in my office, my cellular orthopedics practice is based on clinical evidence. While the largest marketer of stem cells in the Midwest, bases a recommendation for a product without scientific evidence or even anecdote,...

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  • Evidence Based Cellular Orthopedics

    Evidence Based Cellular Orthopedics

    The other day, I noted a www.Ilcellulartherapy.com (my web site) request from a patient seeking to schedule an appointment at my office. That phone call had been placed ten days earlier and my assistants failed to respond in a timely manner. When eventually returned, the potential patient indicated that...

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  •  Stem cell intervention outcome in a husband and wife

    “____ and I are doing well. Mitch administered stem cell therapy on my non-operative hip and things feel great. First time I’ve been pain free in 10 years. Can’t wait for ski season” “Mine are doing great”. This second quote from the mutual friend who is patient getting ready for the ski...

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  • Your Stem Cell Health

    I have always wanted to incorporate a holistic component into my practice, but, hesitated because of a commitment to patients that I would limit my professional pursuits to allopathic medicine; that is evidence based cellular orthopedics. Given the increasing body of information that healthy pursuits,...

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  • Exciting Cellular Orthopedic Debates

    Exciting Cellular Orthopedic Debates

    Well, it is really an internal debate as to whether I should have a concentrated platelet rich plasma procedure or a bone marrow concentrate procedure as I get ready for the upcoming ski season. While it is true that I exercise five to six days a week rotating between outdoor cycling, strength training...

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