• What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

    What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

    My team dedicates an inordinate amount of time answering questions and attempting to clarify the misunderstanding of patients when it comes to Platelet Rich Plasma; actually, the entire subspecialty of “Stem Cell Therapy” but let’s start with PRP. As an orthopedic surgeon who introduced Cellular...

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  • The Ultimate Performance Success Following a Cellular Orthopedic Procedure

    Every year at this time, we each recall and celebrate several significant events of historic, cultural and spiritual importance. No matter what your roots or upbringing or present belief, these past eight days usually involve a gathering of friends and family to jointly read and remember that which happened...

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  • The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone

    If you remember those children’s song lyrics, you will march right up the skeleton. The orthopedic message is that what’s happening in your foot and ankle will affect the well-being of your knee and hip. I was reminded of the continuum on Tuesday when a patient I had treated in November of 2017 returned...

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  • What does Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop have in common with Kobe Bryant?

    What does Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop have in common with Kobe Bryant?

    For one, to the best of my knowledge, he doesn’t ski but I did earn a letter as a member of the Roosevelt High, basketball team. No, the common ground is the fact that we both have undergone a similar intervention for osteoarthritis of the knee. Six years or so before Bryant’s retirement, he traveled...

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  • Consumer Reports Report on Stem Cell Therapy

    Consumer Reports Report on Stem Cell Therapy

    The March 2018, edition of Consumer Reports includes an article written by Jenseen Interlandi that is worth the read for both what it does say and the questions it raises. I welcome the critical review of Stem Cell Therapy whenever an article appears because I too am critical of the charlatans, camp...

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  • FDA Compliant Therapies

    For those who may have missed it, I was featured Monday night in a Fox 32 news report presented by Fox News investigative reporter Sylvia Perez. http://www.fox32chicago.com/health/customers-warn-that-doctors-are-scamming-patients-with-fake-stem-cell-claims Regular readers of my Blog are aware of the...

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  • Cellular Orthopedics, looking back and looking forward

    Cellular Orthopedics, looking back and looking forward

    Or as Dan Brown’s Origin explores, “Where did we come from, where are we going?” It seems customary to make predictions at this time of year; but I want to begin by looking back four decades. It is more than reminiscence. Until managed health care was introduced into the marketplace...

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  • “Regulatory Considerations for Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-based Products: Minimal Manipulation and Homologous Use”

    On November 16, 2017, The FDA posted definitive guidelines concerning what meets minimal manipulation rules and regulations and what is accepted under the practice of medicine guidelines in the specialty of Regenerative Medicine. The FDA further restated the requirement that regenerative medicine be...

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  • My Algorithm If Stem Cell Intervention Doesn’t Last or Doesn’t Work

    My Algorithm If Stem Cell Intervention Doesn’t Last or Doesn’t Work

    I am being forthright; based on my review of data, while 80% or more of my patients continue to enjoy satisfactory outcomes at four years or more following a stem cell intervention, there are those whose symptoms and functional limitations recur. Please be aware that when I undertake the care and treatment...

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  • Vanity, Anecdote and Evidence; how far I will go to present the facts

    As regular readers of this Blog are aware and as well, those patients who seek consultation in my office, my cellular orthopedics practice is based on clinical evidence. While the largest marketer of stem cells in the Midwest, bases a recommendation for a product without scientific evidence or even anecdote,...

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