• On Stem Cells, Innovation and Regenexx

    The New York Times recently published a story about a lawsuit brought against an orthopedic prosthetic company for distributing their product without appropriate FDA approval. The story calls into question not only the process by which new technology is brought into practice, but the choices the clinician...

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  • On Fishing and Poaching

    Musculoskeletal Care of the Mature Patient I am receiving daily email blasts in addition to being subjected to a continuum of advertisements from plaintiff attorneys in the media concerning hip and knee replacement recalls. You know how it works; “call us to see if you are a victim of—–,...

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  • Understanding Prosthetic Recalls

      Returning home from a four-day trip, having to do with updates in Regenerative Medicine, I was confronted by numerous inquiries from patients in whom I have performed joint replacements. The issue, prosthetic recalls. Since I have performed in excess of 20,000 hip and knee replacements over my surgical...

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