• Evidence Based Cellular Orthopedics

    Evidence Based Cellular Orthopedics

    The other day, I noted a www.Ilcellulartherapy.com (my web site) request from a patient seeking to schedule an appointment at my office. That phone call had been placed ten days earlier and my assistants failed to respond in a timely manner. When eventually returned, the potential patient indicated that...

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  • Your Stem Cell Health

    I have always wanted to incorporate a holistic component into my practice, but, hesitated because of a commitment to patients that I would limit my professional pursuits to allopathic medicine; that is evidence based cellular orthopedics. Given the increasing body of information that healthy pursuits,...

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  • Exciting Cellular Orthopedic Debates

    Exciting Cellular Orthopedic Debates

    Well, it is really an internal debate as to whether I should have a concentrated platelet rich plasma procedure or a bone marrow concentrate procedure as I get ready for the upcoming ski season. While it is true that I exercise five to six days a week rotating between outdoor cycling, strength training...

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  • Back from St Petersburg, Russia where I educated the Orthopedic   Surgeons from Russia, Ukraine and more

    Back from St Petersburg, Russia where I educated the Orthopedic   Surgeons from Russia, Ukraine and more

    “I already started getting numerous enquirers regarding your research and practical application of SCP using bone marrow material. People are asking how can they learn more, maybe pay a visit and observe the procedure with their own eyes. Quick and massive feedback, unprecedented.” This from the...

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  • “FDA Cracks Down On Stem-Cell Clinics Selling Unapproved Treatments”

    “FDA Cracks Down On Stem-Cell Clinics Selling Unapproved Treatments”

    The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on “unscrupulous” clinics selling unproven and potentially dangerous treatments involving stem cells. Hundreds of clinics around the country have started selling stem cell therapies that supposedly use stem cells but have not been approved...

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  • A Cellular Orthopedic Regenerative Testimonial

    A Cellular Orthopedic Regenerative Testimonial

    “Haven’t spoken with you in a few months so I thought you might be interested to hear about my knees since the January injections. Things are definitely better. The most important of which is my really bad left knee doesn’t lock up when I roll over in bed. It hurt so bad that it used

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  • Postpone, perhaps avoid joint replacements

    Postpone, perhaps avoid joint replacements

    Last week, we traveled to Israel to celebrate the wedding of our youngest son. Israel became the destination for the event as Eric and Judith had met there while his music business was subcontracting to Coke and Judith led the International Marketing initiatives for Coke. The event took place on July...

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  • Stem Cell Claims versus Outcomes Data

    Stem Cell Claims versus Outcomes Data

    It is now over four years since I began the most comprehensive outcomes clinical trial ever undertaken in which Bone Marrow Concentrate was used to reduce pain, improve function, increase activities and alter the progression of osteoarthritis in a knee joint. At the start, it was generally believed that...

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  • On Cartilage Regeneration

    On Cartilage Regeneration

    Last week, my associate attended a continued medical education course held in a venue near the Wisconsin-Illinois border; a site frequently used by the Stem Cell Institute of America to host amniotic fluid marketing seminars. My colleague overheard a conversation between several physical therapists touting...

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    My clinical practice mission is to use autologous concentrated marrow-derived mononuclear cells for the care and treatment of a joint afflicted by degenerative arthritis so as to assist a patient in postponing, perhaps avoiding a joint replacement. I then follow the patient using osteoarthritis outcome...

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