• Advances in Cellular Orthopedics, Growth Factors

    Inflammation is a critical factor in the pain and cartilage breakdown associated with knee and hip osteoarthritis. One mechanism of knee OA progression is a degenerative feed-forward cycle caused by pathological increases in inflammatory cytokines and catabolic factors within and adjacent to the synovial...

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  •     Why the Stem Cell interventions work for some but not all?

    The scientific facts do not support one “stem cell” treatment for all. Osteoarthritis is a complex process and we now know for what there has been recently identified two distinct genetic subgroups. OA is a joint disease with variable causes, symptoms and outcome. It is estimated that genetic...

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  • Is Tissue Regeneration the Holy Grail in Cellular Orthopedics?

    The answer is both yes and no; it is age dependent. Received last week from a woman in her late 20s at the time of injury: “Dr. Sheinkop- I wanted to follow-up with you in terms of my success with the stem cell treatment for my full ACL tear in March 2016. I cannot even

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  • True Confessions on Autologous Protein Concentrate

    Last week, I disclosed that I myself had undergone an Autologous Protein Concentrate intervention into both of my knees on December 27 and the results to date are remarkable. For those who missed the last Blog, I confessed that I have been experiencing progressive pain and some limitation of function...

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  • Update on the Cellular Orthopedic intervention to my knees

    Update on the Cellular Orthopedic intervention to my knees

    If you read my blog posting last week, you would have learned that I personally underwent a cellular orthopedic intervention to both of my knees on Wednesday, 12/27. The symptoms attributable to my own osteoarthritis had progressed to a degree that I was becoming limited in my recreational profile. While...

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  • Cellular Orthopedics, looking back and looking forward

    Cellular Orthopedics, looking back and looking forward

    Or as Dan Brown’s Origin explores, “Where did we come from, where are we going?” It seems customary to make predictions at this time of year; but I want to begin by looking back four decades. It is more than reminiscence. Until managed health care was introduced into the marketplace...

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  • On Cartilage Regeneration

    Since we practice in an emerging discipline of Regenerative Medicine, how is regeneration determined? Cartilage repair should be evaluated with use of a scoring system that considers the volume of the defect that becomes filled with repair tissue, the integration of repair tissue with adjacent cartilage,...

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  • Continuing update regarding FDA oversite of regenerative medicine

    After my last blog was posted, a patient sent me a brochure she had received while attending a Regenerative Medicine Seminar focusing on how “stem cell therapy could change your life”. Within the brochure was a full page dedicated to how amniotic fluid stem cell therapy could treat ALS, Autoimmune...

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  • Ongoing happenings in Stem Cell Care of Arthritis

    Ongoing happenings in Stem Cell Care of Arthritis

    The number of options for regenerative medicine continues to multiply in metropolitan Chicago so the patient seeking the best alternative must remain ever vigilant. A two-day course basically allows anyone with a medical license to become an immediate “expert”. Incidentally, several of these national...

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  • What I was reminded about in preparing for my St. Petersburg lectures

    What I copied and pasted above are three slides from my upcoming presentations to the 1200 Orthopedic Surgeon attendees at the combined meeting of the Russian Orthopedic Society to be held September 23 and 24 in St Petersburg, Russia. The members will travel from Ukraine, all of Russia including Vladivostok...

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