• I don’t treat an image, I treat the patient

    Just as I cringe when a new patient announces that they have “bone on bone”, so too do I squirm when I am told by a patient “I have a torn” at times meniscus or cartilage; others, a torn rotator cuff; and then again, a torn labrum. Attention please, your X-ray or MRI image is

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  • “My doctor told me that I have bone on bone”

    It is the most banal, recurring, boring, ordinary and meaningless phrase that my assistant and I have to listen to on the phone or at every office setting. Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects almost all persons to some extent as they age. It may affect one joint, some joints or many joints. The...

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  • A Regenerative and Restoration Milestone

    A Regenerative and Restoration Milestone

    It happens every year since the day I was born, there is a birthday celebration in my home and it happens again this week. Sure, I have a little more graying of my hair; but fortunately, I have my hair. I also have an activity level that would not have been possible, given the arthritis

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  • The U.S. FDA regulation of cell therapies finally is enforced

    “Mitch, not sure if you heard, but the FDA via the DOJ has requested injunctions against the mothership clinics of Berman and Lander, as well as the US Stem Cell clinic run by Comella. We can hope that criminal indictments might follow, since they certainly are some of the most flagrant violators of...

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  • “Regulatory Considerations for Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-based Products: Minimal Manipulation and Homologous Use”

    On November 16, 2017, The FDA posted definitive guidelines concerning what meets minimal manipulation rules and regulations and what is accepted under the practice of medicine guidelines in the specialty of Regenerative Medicine. The FDA further restated the requirement that regenerative medicine be...

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  • My Algorithm If Stem Cell Intervention Doesn’t Last or Doesn’t Work

    My Algorithm If Stem Cell Intervention Doesn’t Last or Doesn’t Work

    I am being forthright; based on my review of data, while 80% or more of my patients continue to enjoy satisfactory outcomes at four years or more following a stem cell intervention, there are those whose symptoms and functional limitations recur. Please be aware that when I undertake the care and treatment...

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  • Vanity, Anecdote and Evidence; how far I will go to present the facts

    As regular readers of this Blog are aware and as well, those patients who seek consultation in my office, my cellular orthopedics practice is based on clinical evidence. While the largest marketer of stem cells in the Midwest, bases a recommendation for a product without scientific evidence or even anecdote,...

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  •  Stem cell intervention outcome in a husband and wife

    “____ and I are doing well. Mitch administered stem cell therapy on my non-operative hip and things feel great. First time I’ve been pain free in 10 years. Can’t wait for ski season” “Mine are doing great”. This second quote from the mutual friend who is patient getting ready for the ski...

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  • Ongoing happenings in Stem Cell Care of Arthritis

    Ongoing happenings in Stem Cell Care of Arthritis

    The number of options for regenerative medicine continues to multiply in metropolitan Chicago so the patient seeking the best alternative must remain ever vigilant. A two-day course basically allows anyone with a medical license to become an immediate “expert”. Incidentally, several of these national...

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  • Back from St Petersburg, Russia where I educated the Orthopedic   Surgeons from Russia, Ukraine and more

    Back from St Petersburg, Russia where I educated the Orthopedic   Surgeons from Russia, Ukraine and more

    “I already started getting numerous enquirers regarding your research and practical application of SCP using bone marrow material. People are asking how can they learn more, maybe pay a visit and observe the procedure with their own eyes. Quick and massive feedback, unprecedented.” This from the...

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