• Updates from you Cellular Orthopedic Town Crier

    For those unfamiliar with the designation, it is for the one who makes public pronouncements though I don’t dress elaborately by tradition nor do I carry a handbell saying “Oyez, oyez” (hear ye, hear ye) “Twenty percent of knee replacement patients are not happy with their total knee replacements.”...

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  • Looking back to see the future of Cellular Orthopedics

    My regenerative and restorative Cellular Orthopedics practice is for the most part, evidence based. By that I mean, the outcomes data collected over these past five years regarding the several thousand patients with skeletomuscular afflictions that I have treated with a selection of alternatives using...

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  • Regenerative Medicine-Are You a Candidate?

    Over five years ago, I exchanged a scalpel for a needle and thus entered a developing discipline of cellular orthopedics. My goal was to assist patients with joint afflictions and orthopedic conditions delay, perhaps avoid a surgical procedure by capturing their body’s restorative or regenerative potential...

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  • A Regenerative and Restoration Milestone

    A Regenerative and Restoration Milestone

    It happens every year since the day I was born, there is a birthday celebration in my home and it happens again this week. Sure, I have a little more graying of my hair; but fortunately, I have my hair. I also have an activity level that would not have been possible, given the arthritis

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  • FDA Compliant Therapies

    For those who may have missed it, I was featured Monday night in a Fox 32 news report presented by Fox News investigative reporter Sylvia Perez. http://www.fox32chicago.com/health/customers-warn-that-doctors-are-scamming-patients-with-fake-stem-cell-claims Regular readers of my Blog are aware of the...

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  • Update on the Cellular Orthopedic intervention to my knees

    Update on the Cellular Orthopedic intervention to my knees

    If you read my blog posting last week, you would have learned that I personally underwent a cellular orthopedic intervention to both of my knees on Wednesday, 12/27. The symptoms attributable to my own osteoarthritis had progressed to a degree that I was becoming limited in my recreational profile. While...

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  • “Regulatory Considerations for Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-based Products: Minimal Manipulation and Homologous Use”

    On November 16, 2017, The FDA posted definitive guidelines concerning what meets minimal manipulation rules and regulations and what is accepted under the practice of medicine guidelines in the specialty of Regenerative Medicine. The FDA further restated the requirement that regenerative medicine be...

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  • Postpone, perhaps avoid joint replacements

    Postpone, perhaps avoid joint replacements

    Last week, we traveled to Israel to celebrate the wedding of our youngest son. Israel became the destination for the event as Eric and Judith had met there while his music business was subcontracting to Coke and Judith led the International Marketing initiatives for Coke. The event took place on July...

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  • Why The Center for Orthobiologic Clinical Trials?

    Why The Center for Orthobiologic Clinical Trials?

    Five years ago, I “graduated” from a 37-year career as an orthopedic surgeon with a practice based on hip and knee replacement surgery for arthritic joints. Trading my scalpel for a needle, I entered the new discipline of Cellular Orthopedics with a goal of helping patients delay, at times avoid...

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  • False Stem Cell Marketing

    False Stem Cell Marketing

    The lack of scientific foundation in stem cell marketing is all around us and negatively impacting those doing the right thing in the evolving discipline of Regenerative Medicine. Yesterday afternoon, a patient for whom I successfully completed a Bone Marrow Concentrate/Stem cell procedure presented...

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